The first funded project of Penso a Te APS has been named “LiberaMente“!

LiberaMente – Emancipation, Financial Education and Job creation for the Inclusion of Women in Difficulty” was chosen to be funded by the CARIPARMA Foundation as part of the RFP call 2022.

The project is aimed at the socio-economic inclusion of women living in situations of fragility and vulnerability through a path of personal growth, preparatory steps to job placement and business start-up, supported by the activation of measures to facilitate reconciliation of parenting and personal needs with work.

The project, lasting 18 months, is an ambitious undertaking by Penso a Te APS. The project activities will be coordinated by our institutional associate RICREDITI– Microcredito e Finanza Etica APS.

LiberaMente, which can be translated in English as “free your mind”, targets both migrant and non-migrant women, and those living as refugees, who are often alone but with dependent children, and who are temporarily lodged in social support structures or living in a community with social workers. Women experiencing such hardship are at greater risk of psychological and social isolation, and are often subject to economic violence by their partners.

Penso a Te & RICREDITI will further rely for implementation on the collaboration with other organizations operating in the social sector in PARMA, such as the Life Aid Center (CAV), which offers listening, hospitality and support to women in difficulty; CIAC ONLUS, helping refugees and immigrants; Eidé Società Cooperativa Sociale – ONLUS, centered on innovative approaches to education; and Parma Municipality, Social Sector S.O.Fragility Unit, which promotes and coordinates a network of interventions to protect the most vulnerable.

Stay tuned on the “LiberaMente channel” for further updates!


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