Our Story

Penso a Te APS has been founded by a group of 9 individuals, who share the belief that financial inclusion, defined as the availability and equal access to services and financial opportunities, is a necessary condition for women migrant workers to benefit from their migration experience. 

Since 2008, Filipino organizations have been at the forefront in understanding the importance of financial education courses for the empowerment of their immigrant communities in Italy, and for productively enhancing remittances to their families.

Financial literacy course organised by the Filipino Women Council di Roma in 2019  in Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

Between 2017 and 2019, the financial education and leadership courses organized by the Filipino ONG Atikha, the Filipino Women’s Council in Rome and the ALSE OF-LIFE consortium were the subject of an in-depth sociological research in the context of the PhD of Manuela Prandini at the University of the Philippines.

Dr. Manuela Prandini at the time of her PhD graduation at the University of the Philippines in 2020 .

The research results have highlighted the positive impact that these financial education courses have had on the psychological and economic well being of Filipino women residing in Italy. It is on this wealth of experience that Pier Paolo Ficarelli and Manuela Prandini developed the idea of ​​founding Penso a Te APS in Italy.

Thanks to the involvement of active members of the Filipino community in Italy, such as Nonieta Adena, Charito Basa and Ditz de Jesus, the goal of Penso a Te APS has been further developed to be able to extend these experiences of courage and success to other ethnic groups of immigrants in Italy, using the original PTLA methodology, product of the research at the centre of Penso a Te.

The best way to realise your dream is to engage others to do it for other people.

Manuela Prandini, first President of Penso a Te with Dittz De Jesus (left), Noni Adena (right) & Pier Paolo Ficarelli (back) .