Research undertaken

Penso a Te APS Foundation research
Manuela Prandini (2020), “Financial literacy and entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors and life plans of Filipino women migrants in Italy” PhD Extension Education, University of the Philippines Los Baños.

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Penso a Te APS Key Research (1)
Manuela Prandini & D.T. Rowena Baconguis (2020), Changing lives: Transformative learning and financial attitudes of Filipino women migrants in Italy. Studies in the Education of Adults, Taylor & Francis group, Routledge.

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Solidarity in Italy at the time of COVID-19

Mariachiara Ficarelli (2020), “Caring for Italy: The Solidarity of Filipino Women Workers” Society for Cultural Anthropology, Editor’s forum/COVID-19, US

Online publication

Methodological effectiveness of SELF_Manage course
Manuela Prandini, Pier Paolo Ficarelli (2021), “Effectiveness of Hybrid Micro-Learning for Financial Education of Filipino Women Migrants in Italy” Journal of Public Affairs and Development, Vol. 8: 67-95ISSN 2718-9228 UPLB

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