Self-Manage Standard Course

What is Self-Manage ?
SELF-Manage is a new hybrid training approach – online and face to face – to the promotion of personal well-being and to financial education designed mainly for women belonging to different migrant groups in Italy and for women in situations of emotional and economic hardship.

The SELF-Manage Standard course spans a period of 12 WEEKS with individual work and the participation in group activities . Each learning group meets online and/or face to face each weekend on a digital platform with the trainers to discuss more in depth the topics and issues presented in each learning session.

The SELF-Manage standard course also includes monthly online meetings with experts on topics ranging from the management of personal finance to the improvement of personal well-being.

The course is based on the PTLA model – Participatory Transformative Learning for Affirmative choices developed by the Penso A Te APS research in the form of a personal and community assertive learning cycle, which includes the following phases:

DISCOVER | myself and my relationships
ENVISION | the safe and sustainable future I want
CONSTRUCT | a feasible financial plan
REFLECT | on the available financial choices
IMPLEMENT| the financial plan chosen with the family
ACHIEVE | sustainable results for me and my loved ones
ADVANCE | the learning process towards a secure future

How is it done?
The SELF-Manage approach follows the ADULT LEARNING PRINCIPLES and the EXPERIENTIAL CYCLE based on the gradual and non-linear process of awareness, reflection and search for solutions, before being able to make a decision on what to do and progress to take action.

This approach does not prescribe recipes for success, but leaves the participants with the task of discovering the solutions best in line with the VALUES ​​of the course and the group they belong to, individually and as a community.

Instead of establishing a passive learning relationship between the tutor and the participants, the Self-Manage approach reverses roles by placing the PARTICIPANTS at the centre AS ACTORS in simulation games of the realities they face and the situations they are experiencing.

What is it for?
At the end of the SELF-manage path, participants can obtain the following results:

(a) Have greater SELF-CONFIDENCE and clarity about the future
(b) Count on a COMMUNITY with whom to share the journey
(c) Know how to manage PERSONAL FINANCE effectively
(d) Access UNBIASED SUPPORT on how to invest in Italy and in the countries of origin – currently only for the Filipino community.

Pursuing happiness is the very purpose of life. Whether we believe in a religion or something else, all of us, in life, are looking for something better. “

Dalai Lama