About us


Penso a Te APS is a registered non-profit association operating in Italy. Inspired by the principles of equality and social justice, its members believe in the richness of cultural diversity and in education as the main tool for social inclusion and personal liberation.

It engages in the training of trainers (ToT) from various migrant communities with the aim of supporting people, especially women living situations of hardship, in their path of personal and socio-economic emancipation.

Penso a Te APS strengthens the capacity of local migrant organizations to organise financial education courses in a decentralized way, through volunteer community-based trainers.

Whether we like it or not, each of us is the artist of his own life and the architect of his own future

Zygmunt Bauman, sociologist

Our vision

Vision & Mission
Starting from a long and varied experience in training both in Italy and in international development projects, we aim at becoming a point of reference to ensure a multicultural experience for positive migration. Our objectives are the following:
(a) Socio-economic inclusion of underprivileged individuals
(b) Financial education as a means for self-determination
(c) Actions
targeted to disadvantaged women
Attention to migrant women from different ethnic groups

Penso a Te follows a training path based on specific educational values, which identify us and are clearly communicated to all participants during the courses:
PERSONHOOD (Focus on the person)
Affirmative choices, appreciation of gendered human capital, self-reliance
Critical reflection and analysis, sharing and positive feedback
Learning by doing, risk-taking, self-confidence through action
Peer-to-peer support, joint vision, the power of collective action and self-governance
Appreciation of diversity and multiple realities, solidarity

Training Methodology
The trainers, who are members of Penso a Te, follow the innovative method PTLA (Participatory Transformative Learning for Affirmative choices), as a gender assertive learning cycle, based on the sociological research carried out by Penso a Te.

This is the methodology used in the semester long SELFManage (Success through Experiential Learning, Financial & personal Management) financial education courses, carried out in collaboration with local migrant associations in Italy.

The SelfManage course includes elements of the International Programm ITC/ILO Entrepreneurship

It is diversity that allows us to better understand ourselves and others

Pier Paolo Ficarelli, Penso a Te APS – Core Trainer


Financial Education for Women
SELFManage – Success through Experiential Learning, Financial & personal Management – is a multicultural and assertive learning process aimed at empowering women to make personal and financial decisions

The course is based on the financial literacy programs run by Filipino organizations over the past decade and on the PTLA model developed as the result of the socio-economic research of Penso a Te APS.

SELFManage ensures that women can acquire basic knowledge in personal finance management and develop the confidence to achieve their life and financial goals.

SELFManage runs over a period of 5 MONTHS, with bi-monthly meetings at the weekend for women workers and domestic helpers to be able to attend.

Training Courses

(A) Community course

(B) Training trainers (ToT)

(C) Online course

Research & Projects

(A) Sociological and socio-economic research

(B) Project acquisition and implementation

You fight for what’s right, you set that vision of where we could be—and then you go after it yourself. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Chandini Portteus, CEO