A woman’s best protection is a little money of her own !

In the month of Financial Education, on 25 October 2021, Penso a Te APS was invited to participate in the event WOMEN AND ECONOMIC VIOLENCE: Preventing and Fighting it with Financial Education. The meeting was organised by the University of Parma with the patronage of the Municipality of Parma, the National Association of Financial Consultants (ANASF) and the Association of Teachers of Economics of Intermediaries and Financial Markets and Corporate Finance (Adeimf) .

Penso a Te APS presented the SELF-Manage course and its role in the prevention of economic abuse. The core value of the course lies in its promotion of the participants’ self-esteem and self-awareness. As a result of the course, the women are better equipped to understand what needs to be done to make concrete changes to their lives thanks to the psychological and practical support of a lively community of learning.

Both the representatives of the Bank of Italy, Marilisa Guida and Cristiana Rampazzi, and Annamaria Lusardi, leader and spokesperson of the Committee for the planning and coordination of financial education activities, stressed how self-confidence is essential to allow women to reach psychological and economic independence. The SELF-Manage course of Penso a Te APS stands out from the other programs thanks to its path towards building a community. Participants make their personal and financial ‘journey’ as part of a group built on trust, exchange and mutual support.

Manuela Prandini, the president of Penso a Te APS and the Prof. Giulio Tagliavini, presents at the event
WOMEN AND ECONOMIC VIOLENCE held at the University of Parma

A woman’s best protection is a little money of her own (C. B. Luce, American author and US ambassador)

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