Experiential Learning Cycle

The Experiential Learning Cycle or Action-Learning by Penso a Te APS

The experiential learning cycle can begin with a simple question, new information, a difficulty or a sensory stimulus that alters our inner being and the state of stability in which we thought we were.

When the stimulus in relation to the situation we are experiencing becomes powerful, it generates an inner tension that focuses our attention and our energies.

It is this search that initiates every small or big change in our lives.

After a period of reflection and sharing with others, we act with determination to satisfy the need and to return to a new inner stability.

It is through these experiences that we grow, change and transform our lives to improve ourselves and satisfy our desires and needs.

The limit for not getting what I want is just myself, it’s not my language, it’s not the colour of my skin or the religion to which I belong.

Penso a Te, Core Trainers