The Online Component of the Standard Course

Why the online course ?
The online component in the course is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to help you improve your personal well-being, manage your personal finances and reflect on your migration experience.

How to register?
To access the standard course, you must become part of the association and pay the annual membership fee of 35.00 Euros.

Once you have signed up, click on the Facebook page of Penso a Te APS and put a “like” 👍 to become a page fan. You will receive a link-invitation to become a member of a closed group where every week new educational material is uploaded and can be discussed with the other participants in your group.

The membership fee gives you you also the opportunity to participate for free in the monthly meeting with experts, to become a volunteer trainer in your community through Penso a Te APS and to participate to the development of the Association.

How is it done?

This micro-learning course makes use of presentations with animation and voice-over, tasks and quizzes to help you reflect on the content available from any smartphone via Facebook.

This course is currently available in English, and at present is targeted to the Filipino community by introducing situations and experiences that are part of the Pinoy culture.

It takes about twelve weeks to complete the entire course, as the group has weekly meetings with the trainers to discuss and deepen the topics presented in each session.

Penso a Te APS looks up to the successes achieved by the Filipino organizations – Atikha of San Pablo, FWC of Rome and ALSE-OF LIFE of the University of Manila – in organizing similar financial literacy courses for the last twelve years.

What are the contents?
The course comprises 5 modules and 12 work units
➊ Motivation for taking up the course
➋ Setting financial goals
➌ Budgeting
➍ Saving, borrowing, investing and managing remittances
➎ Insuring
Tita Mary will be your guide during the course. Her voice will accompany you in every session. Tita Mary and the trainers can be contacted through Facebook to answer any questions or problems you encounter during the course.

How to maximize your learning?
✰ Participate to the group weekly meeting with your trainer.
✰ Set aside at least an hour a week to complete one work unit.
✰ Don’t be in a hurry. No prize is won by ending the course earlier.
✰ Keep a diary of your learning journey.
✰ Write down the results of the suggested activities in each unit.
✰ Benefit from collaborating with the other group members by using private messages or meeting them in person.
✰ Join the discussion by commenting and interacting with the other members on the platform to share your experiences on the course content.
✰ Message Tita Mary or the coach if you have any difficulty with the course materials or for any other issue you need support for.
✰ Join the monthly meetings with experts on topics ranging from the improvement of personal wellbeing to the management of personal finances.