Training of Trainers

Who are the trainers?
♀ They are migrant women and women who work in Italy
♀ They are members of the Association Penso a Te APS
♀ They belong to the local communities of various ethnic groups
♀ They come from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds
♀ They strive to improve the living conditions of other women

What they do?
🌹 They participate in the full training process by Penso a Te APS
🌹 They mobilize grassroots communities for the courses
🌹 They identify participants
🌹 They organize courses in the communities
🌹 They offer support to the participants also after the courses

How do they do it?
🌼 They are volunteer trainers with Penso a Te APS
🌼 They are supported by core-trainers during the courses
🌼 They participate in annual in-depth courses
🌼 Have exclusive access to SELF-Manage course materials
🌼 They are reimbursed for all expenses by the Association

“Education ends in school, but learning lasts a lifetime. Our duty towards women is to cast a ray of light and walk with them”

Penso a Te APS ,Core Trainers