Our vision

Vision & Mission
Starting from a long and varied experience in training both in Italy and in international development projects, we aim at becoming a point of reference to ensure a multicultural experience for positive migration. Our objectives are the following:
(a) Socio-economic inclusion of underprivileged individuals
(b) Financial education as a means for self-determination
(c) Actions
targeted to disadvantaged women
Attention to migrant women from different ethnic groups

Penso a Te APS follows a training path based on specific educational values, which identify us and are clearly communicated to all participants during the courses:
PERSONHOOD (Focus on the person)
Affirmative choices, appreciation of gendered human capital, self-reliance
Critical reflection and analysis, sharing and positive feedback
Learning by doing, risk-taking, self-confidence through action
Peer-to-peer support, joint vision, the power of collective action and self-governance
Appreciation of diversity and multiple realities, solidarity

Training Methodology
The trainers, who are members of Penso a Te APS, follow the innovative method PTLA (Participatory Transformative Learning for Affirmative choices), as a gender assertive learning cycle, based on the sociological research carried out by Penso a Te APS.

This is the methodology used in the SELF-Manage (Success through Experiential Learning, Financial & personal Management) financial education courses, carried out in collaboration with local associations in Italy and migrant communities.

The SelfManage community course includes elements of the International Program ITC/ILO Entrepreneurship

It is diversity that allows us to better understand ourselves and others

Pier Paolo Ficarelli, Penso a Te APS – Core Trainer