Founding Members

Manuela Prandini
Lead Trainer

A professional educator with thirty years of experience in teaching English to young people and adults in various settings, both in Italy and internationally, she has a Ph.D degree in Extension Education from the University of the Philippines. She carried out a research on the effectiveness of the financial education courses held in Italy in the last decade for the inclusion of Filipino migrant women and their economic reintegration in the country of origin. She earned a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics in 1990, and since 1991 she has lived mainly abroad in various countries in Africa and Asia. During her stay in South Africa, she also specialized in the Montessori method.

Nonieta Adena
Vice President

An educator with high communication and team work skills and flexibility, she has been collaborating to help Filipinos in Italy find their path to social and economic inclusion. As a young migrant in Italy since 1989, and now with dual Italian and Filipino citizenship, she is a fervent supporter of financial education as a tool for women emancipation. She is the president of the Philippine FilCom Genoa association and Vice President of OFW Watch Italy (Overseas Filipino Workers Watch Italy), the national alliance of Philippine Associations in Italy. She is also a Voluntary Operator at the Citizenship Office for Migrants at ARCI Genoa.

Pier Paolo Ficarelli
Lead Trainer

Consultant for international cooperation organizations, since 1991 he has been responsible for large investments on projects in Europe, Africa and Asia for GIZ – the German international cooperation agency, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the US. He worked for the CGIAR – the international research centers for agriculture – in India and the Philippines as an expert in the use of digital channels for information access to poor communities and smallholders. Specialized in national level training processes of rural service operators at grassroots level, he is an expert in project strategies and management, training of trainers, and strategic workshops moderation and digital literacy training.

Centeno De Jesus “Dittz”

A designer, journalist and painter socially committed to defending the rights of Filipino compatriots, she works as a correspondent for the online magazine Ako Ay Pilipino. As president of OFW Watch Italy – the national alliance of Philippine Associations in Italy – and founder of the Filipino Women’s League in Bologna, she promotes financial education as a tool for empowering women. She is part of the leadership of various associations in Emilia Romagna ERAFILCOM, FEDFAB, and the Council on Youth Leadership and Development. As a fashion designer she creates clothes inspired by Filipino tradition, and as an artist she participates in various painting exhibitions in Bologna.

Sabrina Marchetti

Associate Professor in Sociology of Cultural Processes at the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice, she coordinates the ERC project “DomEQUAL: A global approach to paid domestic work and social inequalities” (2016-2020). She deals with women’s migration, identity construction, labor rights and discrimination, in particular in the domestic and care sector, from a postcolonial and intersectional perspective. Author of numerous sociological publications, she is part of various scientific associations and research groups, including AtGender, the Association of Stories in Movement (SIM), and the Italian Association of Sociology (AIS).

Giulio Tagliavini

Professor of Banking and Finance Intermediation at the University of Parma, since 1992 he has been carrying out research and education activities for students of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce. He has taught a Master’s Course in Development Finance. He has contributed to research projects in the field of impact assessment of microcredit activities. Author of numerous publications on banking finance, he wrote the volume “Dictionary of microfinance – The words of microcredit”. Trainer of banking and financial operators, he has held positions on the board of directors of banks, foundations and other financial institutions, and has been part of the Board of Directors of Banca Popolare Etica, Etica SGR, and the Monte Parma Foundation.

Luisa Zanichelli
Personal coach

An educator with long experience in teaching English to young people and adults, since 2018 she has been practicing as a personal coach. She is guided by her desire of being a resource person and helping people find their self-worth so that they can evolve in their personal and professional development. She has been a trainer in youth education courses, and a tutor for the 14-18 age group in projects for the improvement of school performance. She has gained the Licensed Advanced Master NLP diploma, certified by dr. R. Bandler in 2019. For years she has attended experiential personal growth courses with a view to holistic and coherent evolution.

Claudia Severi
Web content

Technology and support teacher, she is a tutor for home interventions and for minors facing school and social withdrawal situations. After earning a Master’s degree in Development Cooperation in rural areas in 2005, she has actively participated and contributed to research projects in the field of sustainability of agricultural and environmental interventions in various countries in Africa and South America. In 2016, she obtained a Doctoral degree in International Cooperation in Agriculture from the University of Bologna, with research on the resilience of rural communities and the social and environmental sustainability of agri-food production. She is also a qualified pranotherapist with a great passion for reading and book therapy for adults and children.

Claudio Raineri

With a diploma in Accounting and a degree in Economics and Commerce at the University of Parma, after several years of teaching, he was engaged as asset manager for 10 years. Since 2002, he has been a financial advisor with a mandate for Allianzbank financial advisors spa. Since 2012, he has actively participated and contributed as a trainer to the “econom@mente” financial education project promoted by ANASF and aimed at high school students.