Begin a learning journey together with Penso a te APS to improve your financial capabilities!

It was with this title and powerful images that we introduced our work as an association for the development of women’s financial capacity on the occasion of the Celebration of the 20th anniversary of Mondinsieme. The event was held on July 3rd in the Baden Powell park, where there are the headquarters of this Foundation, part of the municipality of Reggio Emilia, which is dedicated to promoting multicultural communication and organisational development of migrant communities in our town.

“Dittz”, Mercedita Centeno de Jesus, one of our most active associates and founding member of Penso a Te APS, presented the Penso a Te APS’s exhibit to the different ethnic groups and Italian families, who came in large number to attend this colourful event.

Madittz is also a painter and we took the opportunity of this event to show her artistic skills by showing one of her beautiful paintings. Dittz has described her experience at Mondinsieme in an article for the OFW Watch Italy. Make sure to read her article and find out more about the activities of this Filipino organisation. Enjoy the beautiful photos she took of this multicultural event in our city!

The photo exhibit at Mondinsieme to portray the key training activities of Penso Te APS
and the realities of the extended families in the Philippines supported by the remittances of
tens of thousands of Filipino working women in Italy
The Lady of the Flowers, oil on canvas, 2018, by Mercedita de Jesus Centeno, “Ma Dittz”

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